Chepy plugins

This repository hosts various Plugins for Chepy. Chepy is extendable with custom plugins. The docs for how to create plugins is here. All Chepy plugins extend the ChepyCore class. Refere to the docs for available methods and attributes for ChepyCore.

To use this plugins repository, do:

git clone

Then edit the chepy config file, and set the pluginpath to the chepy_plugin directory. The config file is located in the $User/.chepy/chepy.conf. Example config:

pluginpath = /home/test/chepy_plugins

history_path = /home/test/.chepy/chepy_history
prompt_char = >
prompt_colors = #00ffff #ff0000 #ffd700
show_rprompt = false
prompt_rprompt = #00ff48
prompt_bottom_toolbar = #000000
prompt_toolbar_version = #00ff48
prompt_toolbar_states = #60cdd5
prompt_toolbar_buffers = #ff00ff
prompt_toolbar_type = #ffd700
prompt_toolbar_errors = #ff0000

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